The Northland Hospitality Complex Is A Houston Shopping Center That Boasts Some Of The Largest An …

Located in the Northland Healthcare complex, this shopping center has been specifically designed to cater to those who are looking for luxury and comfort in their time in Houston.

Located near the end of Columbia, it is actually a rather odd name for a shopping center, because its very name alone tells a lot about the overall vibe of the place. Named after two hurricanes that have hit the city of Houston, this shopping center is named the Hurricane Anaya Center after Hurricane Agnes in 1918. Of course the actual name is a bit misleading, since it was named after a hurricane which may have caused problems for a few years before but did not hit the city of Houston.

The goal of the developers of the Northland Shopping Center was to bring a unique shopping experience to Houston’s middle class residents, who were struggling with rising rents and high costs of living in the city. With all of the rising costs, people were finding it difficult to afford the costs of living and had begun to shift focus towards more comfortable and less expensive options. The owners of the Northland Shopping Center recognized this shift in attitude and wanted to give their shoppers a place to go to find just the right thing for them. After all, shopping at a top-tier shopping center was generally known to have a wide range of choices that could satisfy a shopper’s needs.

Many Houstonians would even call this shopping Houston center “America’s Friendliest Shopping Center”, because of the way the facilities serve the community as a whole.It has a huge assortment of clothing, books, and accessories for those shoppers looking for that special piece of furniture or the perfect piece of art to add to Texas their collections.

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One of the top features of the Northland Houston Shopping Center is the amazingly large selection of clothing, because the owners of the facility thought the name Hurricane Anaya perfectly fit the brand of clothing they had. In fact, there are a large number of different stores in the center where one can find just the right clothes for their needs, be it a designer brand of dress for an event or a simple pair of jeans.

There are also grub burger several galleries and art centers within the facility itself. One of the most popular is Art on Courthouse Square, which is devoted to creating art and serving as a resource for local artists. This shopping center also hosts free


from time to time, so shoppers can also come and enjoy a live performance without having to worry about where to eat dinner after the show.

With the Northland Houston Shopping Center 77024 is as close to downtown as it is, shoppers can easily reach downtown Houston from the parking lot. There is also a subway station just minutes away from the center, so if shoppers need to get to downtown much faster, this is the best option

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The Northland Hospitality Complex Is A Houston Shopping Center That Boasts Some Of The Largest An ...